Our Mission & Vision


1. Educate & Empower people
Our mission is to educate people to become sustainable partners of nature & its resources. By empowering & enabling them to take just what is enough from nature & equally to give back to nature in the same measure

2. Work With Indigenous (Tribal) Communities, Marginal & Small Farmers , And Local Women

Wayanad possesses immense bio-resources, rich indigenous tribal knowledge & traditional wisdom. Developments have seen some of these communities & knowledge being ignored. Vanamoolika works with such ignored. Indigenous (Tribal) Communities, Marginal / Small Farmers, and local women in order to:

  • Make people understand the importance & to take them back to a way of living where we depend on nature & its resources in a sustainable way. 
  • Use in a sustainable way the accrued traditional wisdom. 
  • Conserve & preserve the Bio Reserves & the environment for the sustainable continuity of human life.
  • Economic & social empowerment of women and to enable them to become torch-bearers in the local society.  

We aim to pursue our mission through various programs & our involvement in: 

  • Tracing traditional wisdom by revisiting history through research & studies. 
  • Educating the rural communities to know the Bio-reserves we have, but also make them aware of how these resources are being depleted. 
  • Providing these communities with institutional & marketing support. 
  • Opening new markets for the group farmers produce, improve the farmers income & support the long-term sustainability of organic farming within the region.  
  • Enabling & empowering the grass-root communities through their organizations to encourage sustainable usage of the bio-reserves & importantly the regeneration of them.
  • In people’s food systems
  • In people’s health practices.
  • Supporting their economic self-reliance.


Our vision stems from our ideology that the existence of a healthy community is the centre of human development. That nature with its abundant bio-diversities & traditional wisdom, acquired over generations, if used in a scientific & sustainable way could ensure a holistic & harmonious human development.

The key features of this innovative vision project are:

  • Ensuring primary level health security among tribal & rural families.
  • Conservation of important medicinal plants.
  • Technical guidance for the cultivation of viable species of medicinal plants.
  • Organization of farmers collectives for organic cultivation of medicinal plants, food crops & spices with a buy-back arrangement. 
  • On-farm and off-farm employment for rural women.
  • Promotion of organic farming and organic certification.
  • Production & marketing support for the farmers’ produces. 
  • Developing both the export & domestic markets.
  • Developing Vanamoolika into an experience centre where guests can learn & participate in the Vanamoolika philosophy.