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Why Europe's Gourmet Chefs And Chocolatiers Are Flocking To Wayanad - Times Of India

Sometime in 2015, Olivier Roellinger, a thin man with a friendly face from France, turned up at the office of Vanamoolika at Pulpally in Wayanad, along with his daughter Mathilde and son Hugo. He was in search of the ‘perfect’ spices for his business back home. 

PJ Chackochan, founder and managing director of the charitable organization, took them on a tour — Vanamoolika's manufacturing staff comprises entirely of women — during which Roellinger questioned the Kerala farmer’s practice of harvesting different varieties of pepper-like Panniyur, Karimunda, Jeerakamunda, Neelamudi, and Wayanadan together for processing...Read More →



How this Wayanad spice exporter gained popularity among European food producers - The News Minute 

While crops that bring money will be given protections easily, people often forget about lesser-known native medicinal plants. With this thought in mind, fourteen farmers in Wayanad district came together to safeguard indigenous medicinal plants in 1991. Little did they know that their charitable organisation would turn into a celebrated spice exporter around the world.


Vanamoolika, a cooperative with mostly women employees, has become a go-to source for many international food producers, including gourmet retailers and chocolatiers, for high-quality spices, rice varieties, coffee and other organic certified products. The organisation has around 30 stable European buyers for its products...Read More → 



The signature botanicals used in the Maharani gin are sourced from Vanamoolika, making it an organic ode to Kerala. - The New Indian Express

If one was to find similarities between Kerala culture and the Irish culture for a masterpiece fusion, it would definitely start with the shared love for fine alcohol. Robert Barrett and Bhagyalekshmi launched ‘Maharani Gin’, a name that would rekindle nostalgia for many around the world.The signature botanicals used in the gin are sourced from Wayanad district, making it an organic ode to Kerala.


“As a couple who accommodates distinct cultural backgrounds, we wanted our first product to celebrate this diversity,” says Robert. The gin was conceived as a means to bring out the flavours and ingredients from Kerala, which is known as the land of spices... Read More → 



The Wayanadan project, working closely with Vanamoolika, to revive the exquisite Wayanadan TGSEB peppercorns - SCMS Cochin

A postgraduate in Business Management from SCMS-Cochin, 1997, Anith Puthiyankath grew up in the world of business, as a 3rd generation member of the Ittiyera Group: a 100 – year - old family business, producing and trading edible oils, started by his grandfather in the year 1921. Anith, while being proud of this legacy, always wanted to have a startup of his own… a blank canvas to paint the picture he wished to. This led to the inception of World of Origins, in 2012. “Kerala, my home state, is a top tourist destination… legendary for its rich spices. During my travels, I often noticed the presence of products from Kerala, in some of the grandest stores in the world. Even though they were perceived in the same light as the choicest red wines from Burgundy or the finest balsamic from Modena, not much was mentioned about the producers or the region...Read More →