Gandhakasala Rice (1kg)

Gandhakasala Rice (1kg)

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Product Description
Gandhakasala rice is a variety of rice cultivated by the farmers in the Wayanad District in Kerala. This is a scented variety of rice grown mostly by the members of the tribal communities in Wayanad Gandhkasala is cultivated in an area of approximately 327 hectares and Jeerakasala in 22 hectares.


Gandhakasala is one of two varieties of scented rice cultivated in Wayanad the other one being Jeerakasala rice. Both varieties have been identified as having the potential to compete with the well-known varieties of scented rice like basmati rice and jasmine rice.


Because of the disease-resistant properties, high nutritional value, fine taste and cooking properties, this variety of rice are traditionally used on special occasions like wedding feasts.


The paddy seeds of gandhakasala, along with jeerakasala and four more varieties, were given certification as Farmers’ Varieties under the provisions of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Nationally, this certification has been given to 545 varieties so far, but the Wayanad rice varieties are unique as certification is under the category of that given to a "farming community".


Both Jeerakasala and Gandhakasala rice have been registered with the Geographical Indications (GI) registry of the Government of India in 2010. It was the agro-ecological conditions, the methods of organic cultivation, the traditional genetic makeup of cultivars, and unique processing technologies that have produced the specific aroma and flavour of Jeerakasala and Gandhakasala rice varieties.

Key Features
Best in terms of fibre and protein content, antioxidants with benefits of vitamin E, and minerals such as iron, boron and sulphur.


Gandhakasala rice is used for ghee rice, upma, biriyani, etc. It takes 30 mins to cook.

Products Ingredients
Gandhakasala rice.